We Love Cars!

Cars are not just under the jurisdiction of men. Women are also passionate about them. So Woman This Month has put together 10 tips to improve your relationship with your four-wheeler.

Clean Vision
Rain is not a concern on our island. However, cleaning the dust from your windshield is a common ritual. Change the wiper blades if you feel that they are making a mess instead of cleaning it. Make sure you refill the fluid container. There are some cleansers in the market for better performance.

Refill Please!
If by you see a gasoline tanker filling the tanks, look for another station to refill your car. When underground tanks are being filled, the turbulence can stir up sediment, which is not good for your car. It can clog the fuel injectors, causing poor performance and possibly even ruin it.

August-2014__10Tips_01Rotate the Wheels
Your tyres don’t wear out evenly. Give it more life by rotating them. Take them off; put them back in different locations. The ones in front should go to the back and vice-versa. This helps to wear them off more evenly, making it lasts twice as long.

Frequent Check-ups
The way to keep your car in its best shape is to follow the maintenance schedule. Timing is key. Using an authorised dealer guarantees all the standard procedures. Make sure they point out exactly what they’ve done, so you can track any problem that may occur later.

Keep it Covered
The sun is difficult to avoid in the Kingdom. Try your best to keep it away from the harsh rays. Parking your car in a garage or leaving it under a cover will help maintain the paint and protects it from bird droppings and tree sap.
The sun can also damage the car’s interior.

Clever Driving
The way you drive your car affects its performance more
than you think. Good driving habits save wear and tear, and fuel. Avoid taking off too fast and swiftly coming to a stop. This type of driving can affect the functioning of the engine, brakes and other parts.

Change a Tyre
Make sure you always carry a spare pressured tyre, jack and warning reflector. Before you do anything, leave the handbrake on. Before you jack up the car, slightly loosen the lug nuts. Another tip to be on the safe side is to slide the spare tyre under the car in case the jack slips or fails.

Check the Pressure
Avoid a flat tyre or accident by maintaining the correct pressure. Under-inflated tyres affect handling and grip. It also makes your car use more fuel. The recommendation for how inflated your tyres should be can be found in the owner’s manual. Use the gauge that usually comes with the car to check levels. If necessary, refill the air at a nearby gas station.

Cushioned rotection
Baby seats can ruin the upholstery of your car. Place a sheet of heavy plastic and an absorbent towel under the seat to prevent damage. Apply leather protectant formulated for pigmented or top-coated grain leather. It will make it resistant to stains and easier to clean. Pick one that includes conditioners to keep the leather supple.

Oil Inspection
If you don’t follow the maintenance schedule, there is one thing you cannot forget [DASH] to check the oil. Use the car dipstick (usually has an orange handle or has oil written on it) and dip it into the engine. Take it out, wipe it clean and dip it again. This time have a look and check the level looking where the oil part ends. If it’s below the bottom line, you need to add a quart of oil.

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