Vintage Revisited

Something about these new fashionable pieces make you travel back in time. Here are some classics worth reviving.

May-2014_Fashion_Forward1The King’s Court
The Baroque period is H&M’s inspiration behind its Conscious Collection. Ornate details, thick embroidery and gilded edges offer drama. Structured pieces and sharp cuts are the elements that take you back in time. The perennial lace in nude shades is another item that can look as antique depending on its style.

May-2014_Fashion_Forward2Bathing Rules
Debenhams brings back high waisted bikinis to the fashion scene — and the British brand is not alone! Celebrities have already adopted the style; you’ll soon see a bunch of girls wearing them on holiday. Polka dots emphasise the vintage concept.

May-2014_Fashion_Forward3Walking in the Past
These shoes are a reread version of classic Mary Janes, with an update in the form of open heels and platforms. Colour blocking is still a hit for these shoes; the contrast calls attention to the details. Hobbs paints them in yellow for a summery vibe. You can pair it with your casual jeans and a white t-shirt, and you’ll still stand out.

May-2014_Fashion_Forward4Feline Eyes
Ava Gardner, Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn popularised cat eye sunglasses in their time. Today Katy Perry, Miranda Kerr and Beyoncé have assumed the role by bringing back the style. To accentuate the idea, F&F added pearls to the frame.

May-2014_Fashion_Forward5Perennial Favourites
The classic tweed jacket goes collarless in Sonia Rykiel creations. The brand’s spring and summer collection brings this icon from winter to summer by using light materials. The ones with beads and embroidery can be the main piece of a look when worn with tailored or
wide-legged trousers.

May-2014_Fashion_Forward6Chic Carrier
Structured handbags of yesteryear get a contemporary twist. Those featuring rounded shapes and pastel colours can be paired with a full skirt for the perfect ladylike look. This Dune bag is an example of the classic piece with modern elements. It’s the ideal item to complement your white suit.

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