The Newlyweds’ Nest

One of the most exciting things about marriage is moving into a new space with your partner. Ankita Mamgain shares some ideas on how to get creative and make the most of your new abode.

No matter how many apartments you’ve occupied up till now, moving in with your spouse is a great feeling. From the excitement of house hunting to gradually filling in the space, it is an excellent opportunity to create your own unique cocoon that is warm and welcoming and reflects your individual personalities.

Rent or Buy?
The sooner you get an answer to this question the better it will be. Buying is a great option as it is easier to keep a sizeable portion of your salary aside when you are still a couple as opposed to when you start a family. However, if you or your partner are planning to change your jobs, which might result in a possible move, or hoping to spend most of the next year travelling, then renting is easier. It is important to be cautious and make the right moves when preparing for and searching for a home.

While zeroing in on the new house, be practical about the amount of space – the amount you need right now and how much you might need over the next couple of years.

The First Step
May-2015_Feature01_02When it comes to décor, let your new home be a mix of both of your styles combined into one unified look. And honestly, once you know the space you will be residing in, a really good place to start with is the wedding registry. It would be nice not to burden your guests with really expensive stuff. But things which you already expect to receive such as wall art, showpieces, picture frames, kitchen goods; it would be good to have items that suit your taste.

Get creative with the space if it’s limited. Invest in a nice bookshelf if you two are readers or you can even get some cool posters framed and put them on the walls. If you two love to travel, incorporate souvenirs in the décor; maybe have a designated place for all memorabilia collected. Take inventory of your existing furnishings and decorative items to determine which pieces will blend well into the newly combined home.

Low Maintenance Furniture
While designing the new house, keep in mind the ongoing upkeep costs as well. Materials chosen should be easy to clean and maintain. It’s always better to use laminated furniture in areas of high traffic and moisture such as the kitchen. Be prudent when planning out storage space as, with time, you’ll only need more room. It’s easy to get carried away in excitement but don’t be in a hurry to purchase everything in one go. Give yourself time to distinguish between your absolute necessities and things that you would just like to own.

Add visual definition to an open space by tucking a large rug underneath the dining set or in the sitting room. Keep the furniture light so it’s easy to move it around which allows the space to be more dynamic.

If you do not want to spend too much on a grand sofa-set right now, then include a funky chair in your seating arrangement, to add exuberance.

If you want certain areas to pop, add a vibrant rug or upholstery to draw attention. Choose leather over fabric for sofas, as it is easier to clean, and play with textures and paint for the walls. Preferably, opt for pastel shades for the bedroom and white, grey or ivory for the living room.

Do It Yourself
Add a personal touch to your new home with this simple rope art name design

May-2015_Feature01_051) Take a wooden board or a flat tile and clean it well before you start.
2) Roughly sketch out your name on it so you know exactly how much rope you will use and what line to follow.
3) Get some high quality glue and put it over this sketched outline.
4) Carefully take the rope along the glue line cutting it wherever needed to make the letters. Once dried place the wooden board or tile at a desired location.

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