Swing Into Action

We can have a number of elaborate excuses to avoid exercising. However, it is never too late to make a change in your lifestyle. Follow WTM’s hints to set yourself in motion.

The focal point
Change the way you look at exercising. Think of physical activity as a lifestyle choice rather than a task on your to-do list. If you are not ready to commit to a programme, think that even very small movement is better than nothing. Introduce a few changes to simple choices as choosing stairs over an elevator and walking while talking on the phone.

Social meeting
Exercise can be an opportunity to get to know new people and socialise with your friends. Hang out at a running club, water aerobics session or a dance class. Collective sports like basketball or volleyball can revive the competitor inside you. If you don’t like big groups, find a friend to be your swimming or tennis partner.

Show it off
January-2014__10Tips_01Telling others about your fitness routine and achievements will help you stick to the plan. Hearing your friends’ and colleagues’ personal experiences will make you look forward to the next step and even inspire someone else to start working out.

Small steps
Most people look at exercising as an ‘all or nothing’ commitment. If you’ve tried an exercise programme in the past and been unable to stick to it, you probably set unrealistic goals for yourself. Think of something you can do. If one hour in the gym every day is too much, set aside 10 to 15 minutes, three or four times a week. Once the small amount activity becomes a habit, it is easier to progress.

Adjust your aims
Immediate changes are always the ones that everybody is looking for, but try to work with concreteness and with the things that you can do. Your priorities should be factors such as reducing stress, living a healthier lifestyle and improving your mood. Weight loss and increased muscle size ought to be secondary.

Make it fun
There are many activities that qualify as exercise. The challenge is to find the one you enjoy doing. Working out with a buddy is a good way to start a regular plan. However, if you don’t have a companion, try unusual sports. Outdoor activities, such as playing Frisbee or trying golf lessons, are amusing and will perhaps offer the push you need.

Find inspiration
Women and fitness magazines usually bring triumphant stories of people that switched from a sedentary to energetic mode. Get inspired by the photos and take a look at the reasons that made them change their lifestyle. The person in the story could be you!

Start again
A bad cold, long holidays or anything that makes you get out of routine can knock you off track; restarting can be difficult. First of all, don’t expect to start where you stopped, especially if you’ve spent more than two weeks without exercise. Give time to your body readjust and don’t lose the excitement. Try to imagine the good feeling it gives you and recall the aspects you enjoy most about it.

Professional advice
You may think you are the only person who knows about your body. However, the best way to get better results and not hurt yourself is to take an expert’s opinion. Having a person to prepare an exercising plan will help you reach the target you are looking for. Remember, weight loss training is different from toning. So be aware of your goal and programme.

Treat yourself
Rewarding yourself for achieving goals is a good way to maintain interest. A new pair of trainers, a dinner out in a new restaurant or a night out with the girls can be the motivation you need to continue. Set aims like reducing your jogging time per kilometer.

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