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Are you looking for your next specs or sunglasses? Take a look at our tips before you choose them to pick the right frame for your face shape.


1: The Template
We all have different features that make us unique.
However, there are only seven defined shapes that classify our face’s format: round, oblong, diamond, oval, triangle, square or heart.

2: The Type
How can you know which shape is yours? Take a photo of yourself with your mobile, facing the camera directly. Then get a paper and place it in front of the picture and trace the outline of your face. Now compare the outline with the shapes.

3: The Oblong
This face is longer than it is wide, with a long and straight cheek line. It can also feature a longish nose. For this type, wider glasses such as aviator and square frames with a low bridge are good picks. Avoid rectangular, narrow and short frames.

4: The Diamond
This is the rarest face shape. The eye line and jaw line are narrow with broad cheekbones. For this kind of visage, you’ll want to draw attention to the eyes. Opt for heavier frames such as semi-rimless or ones with details on the brow line. Stay away from narrow frames.

5: The Square
A square face has a broad forehead and wide jaw line. Strong features get softer with round and oval-shaped frames. Thin, angular and square styles with low-set temples or colour accents on the bottom shouldn’t be on your list.


6: The Heart
A broad forehead, wide cheekbones and small chin are the main characteristics of this face shape. Go for a pair of eyeglasses that contrasts with your shape. Choose a rectangular or oval frame rather than the aviator design.

7: The Triangle
Wide cheekbones that narrow down to a small chin plus a full forehead are the main features in this face shape. To minimise the width of the top, select frames that are wider on the bottom and are made in one colour. Wide tops on frames are not good for you.

8: The Oval
Softly rounded, this face shape is well-balanced with the forehead slightly wider than the jaw and it features high cheekbones. If you have this type of face, consider yourself very lucky!
Most styles will suit your face; so it is just a matter of personal taste.

9: The Round
A rounded chin, full checks and short frame are the strong features of this face. Rectangular glasses will flatter your face, making it look slimmer and longer. Decorations on the temples are welcome. Don’t pick small, round or

10: The Colour
Another thing you must consider is the hue of the frame. Your eyewear should complement the colour of your skin, eyes and hair. You may be tempted to buy a shade that goes with everything, but instead you should consider the balance of the palettes on your face.

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