Summer Solace

Can buying a T-shirt change your life? Perhaps not; it sure can change the lives of others, though, if you acquire one of the Being Human ‘tees’ from Splash outlets across the Kingdom. We find out more about the collection in our campaign.

Meanwhile, we’ve been sniffing around for some amazing scents. From the latest in the designer collection to the best Arabic perfumes in town we have spotted a range of aromas to choose from.

These make for some great gift ideas for Ramadan, just like our top finds of the month for fashion, beauty, skincare. We’ve covered it all. You will bump into a few tricks on how to accessorise your home during this festive season as well.

However, preparing for Ramadan and Eid is more than just sprucing up your home. Regular columnist, Dr Jinan Darwish helps parents explain the concept of the Holy Month to their kids.

Read on to find a shocking revelation about men’s shopping habits and what else is new in the retail scenario. Speaking of which, it looks like the tots and toddlers are spoilt for choice this summer. We take a look at what’s hot on the children’s fashion scene.
For those looking to shed their vacation pounds, check out our wellbeing feature. While we’re on the subject of holidays, we have also put together a number of interesting offbeat destinations for travel ideas. Those suffering from wanderlust could also make use of our travel planning tips.

That’s not all. We also had the privilege of speaking with Maha Al Kawari who has recently been given the reins to Bahrain Medical Society. Read on to find out what else is in store for you in our August issue.
Ramadan Kareem!

Elma Bartholomew
Assistant Editor

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