Suit Up

Finding the right suit is a challenge. Even the most fashionable man has trouble finding the perfect suit. Here are our tips on how you can rock the formal trend.

(1) Tailor-made for You
June-2014__10Tips_01Fitting is everything when it comes to suits. Finding the right kind of tailoring is the key to an impeccable suit. It has to be perfectly adjusted to your shoulder and have the correct length for the arms. Finding a good tailor or a brand that does the job for you is crucial.

(2) Right Measures
The proper arm length means that the jacket sleeve should be short enough to show at least one centimetre of your shirt cuffs (And that’s both arms!). This subtle detail shows off that you really know how to pull-off the formal style.

(3) Varying Styles
Believe it or not, there are many suits styles in the market. You have the classics, the tuxedo and the seasonal trends. If you want to bring an element of variety to your wardrobe, summer is the best time to try out different colours and textures.

(4) Pattern Effect
If you have a short and stocky frame, pinstripes will give the impression of a longer and lean figure. Try ones that play with tone on tone. They are contemporary and subtle, but deliver the same effect. If you’re tall and slim, try different patterns like tartan and windowpane.

(5) Look for Balance
After fitting comes proportion. If you opt for a jacket with a slim collar and slim lapels, stick to the pattern with a slim tie. This is the latest trend and the best choice if you are not tall. For tall and large men, it is better to avoid thin details.

(6) Accessorise!
The tie is an important element in a suit. The first rule is, if you’ve unbuttoned your collar, remove the tie. Don’t wear it loose. The knot has to be positioned in the right place for a polished look. If the occasion doesn’t demand formal dressing, it is fine to skip the tie. Pick a nice shirt and you will look good anyway. In this case, leave the jacket unbuttoned.

(7) Material Matters
Silk isn’t the only fabric ties are made in! Experiment with different materials and textures, like wool and linen, to spice up your spring and summer looks. Sleek ones with flat ends are contemporary, while the traditional triangular tip is most popular. Avoid the thick ones; they are completely outdated.

(8) The Knot
There are three main knots you should learn: Windsor, half-Windsor and four-in-hand. If you’re too lazy to learn or even try anything different, stick with the last one. It works for most occasions.

(9) On Your Feet
The socks you pick show off your personality. If you wear suits on a daily basis, you can play around with the socks. Don’t overdo it. If you pick coloured socks, opt for plain shirts and ties. Try the same colours in different shades for the ties and socks for an upgraded look. You can also add a pattern to one of them.

(10) Choose Your Values
In the world of suits, quality rules over quantity. Invest in a good piece with fine finishes and breathable materials so they’ll last a lifetime. Having one good suit is a lot better than having 10 with doubtful quality. Don’t forget to keep it clean. Dry cleaning helps to maintain its shape.

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