Spare the Sneezes

Flowers do go hand in hand with wedding décor, but if you’re allergic to them (or simply not a fan!) there are always other ways to grab your guests’ attention.

Colourful Candles
Candles make for an elegant and romantic table centrepiece. They come in a variety of different shapes, colours and sizes and you can even reuse them if you wish. It’s also possible to place bulk orders for specially shaped candles, such as your initials or to match a particular motif you’ve incorporated throughout your wedding décor.

Subtle Statuettes
An unusual statuette or ornament placed on the tables is sure to attract attention and start conversations. You could choose something symbolic of your relationship or an item that has meaning to you both. Just keep it small and subtle.

Origami Originals
If you must have flowers, then perhaps consider paper ones – they’re so much nicer than plastic. Origami flowers are available in a bewildering array of styles, sizes and colours that even real flowers cannot match. You can also have a bouquets or garlands made to match. Why not go one step further and add a touch of fun with origami paper cranes? These are believed to bring good luck!

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