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Suzanne Nicholas checks out a service that makes shoe lovers’ fantasies a reality.

At the risk of sounding borderline dramatic, if I had to describe one of my worst shopping experiences, it would be finally finding the perfect pair of neon stilettos on the day of a neon-themed party, only to find the store didn’t have then in my size. I’m sure women around the globe would agree that shoe shopping can be a harrowing experience. Ever found an almost perfect pair you couldn’t buy either because of the wrong fit, unavailable size, heel height or unappealing colour, and wondered if you will ever find a shoe with all the characteristics you want? With a vision “to empower women with options,” the recently launched bespoke service Shoenvious, does you one better.

It’s an innovative online platform that allows you to customise, design and create bespoke luxury footwear, at a surprisingly reasonable price, so there is nothing stopping you from owning the perfect pair, in around six weeks from first mouse click to delivery.

When co-founder, Saudin Noddings (pictured), spent months searching for the perfect pair of wedding shoes, she knew she wanted to offer women a shoe-buying experience which eliminated the need for compromise on design and size. Ta-da! Shoenvious was born. She explains: “As a shoe fanatic myself, it’s important to wear shoes that don’t compromise on my style and that meet the needs of the occasion. We want to change the way women shop for shoes by giving them the opportunity to put their best foot forward every day in a bespoke pair that represents their personality.”

All you have to do is log onto and choose the shoe style of your preference and then simply go along with the details that suit your liking. Your shoes can be designed to whisper elegance, scream sassiness or accentuate flattering femininity. With 15 shapes, 250-plus colours and materials, and 50-plus design options, it’s possible to create a work of outstanding artistry.

If starting from scratch scares you, the site offers a selection of predesigned shoes that can be ordered or customised. With every click, the 3D shoe designer provides a 360-degree representation of your creation and there is something almost therapeutic in watching your new footwear take shape at every stage of the process. Saudin claims: “With you as the designer, there is a magical element in being able to wear your own, unique creation.”

The chance to design your own footwear not only excites your inner child but also allows you to individualise your shoes to suit your fashion sense, making them more ‘you’. Saudin aptly claims: “When you order a pair of shoes from, you’re not only purchasing a product, you’re in control of the whole design experience.”

Completely handmade with pure leather in a plethora of colours, these luxury quality shoes come with a 100-per-cent-fit guarantee. Saudin says: “Shoenvious aims to provide you with endless possibilities and great value for money.” What’s more, the site also offers gift cards and a personalised inscription option, providing the option of gifting something beautifully unique or simply spoiling yourself with an individual touch.

Initially only operating within the GCC countries, Shoenvious — given its popularity — now caters to shoe lovers all over the world.

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