Shielded Skin

The skincare market is expected to expand with new products developed to meet its fast pace. New technologies and a demanding customer base are pushing it to its best performance. Turn your radar on for the latest cosmetics reaching Bahrain.

Gulf Pharmacy is a reference on the island for sourcing new skincare products to cater to various different complexions. The French creation LANGÉ is one amongst many other unique products. The newest addition to the pharmacy’s collection is the sun screen Color Velvet Technology from Frezyderm. Available for the first time in Bahrain, the brand has a new approach to sun protection.

Sunrays are important to our health. However, specialists say that the best time to sunbathe is during the early hours of the morning for about 20 minutes. The rest of the day, we must protect our skin. UVB rays are long waves that reach our skin’s surface tanning, burning and ageing. UVA rays are longer waves that can penetrate deep into the skin’s surface, releasing free radicals and causing DNA changes that can result in skin cancers. So your sunscreen must protect from both types.

October-2015_Pick_of_Month_02The Second Skin technology from Frezyderm does the work of fully protecting your skin with extra benefits. This tinted or transparent facial sunscreen has a very high protection with cosmetic behaviour that is well absorbed by the skin. It delivers effective coverage for discolouration, scars and skin imperfections. The sunscreen helps to soften the appearance of wrinkles, is water resistant and allows the skin to breathe with a non-oily texture. The product offers an invisible second skin leaving a velvety sensation; you can say good-bye to the whitewashed and sticky feeling from regular lotions.

This new product is available at Gulf Pharmacy in Tubli.

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