Shield your Hair

Healthy tresses are every girl’s dream. However it’s is not an easy feat to achieve. It takes three things: discipline, professional advice and good products.

Do you feel that the island’s water or the weather doesn’t help you keep your hair healthy? You are probably right. The salty water that comes from the shower dries your hair out and the dusty weather makes it filthy. The strands have to carry a lot of impurities and this affects the structure of the hair, making it more susceptible to breakage.
For those with sensitive tresses, the challenge of keeping it shining in Bahrain is even harder than it is for others. Understanding that you need to help your hair to conquer its best shape is the first step. Next, find a professional that you trust to give you the best advice for your hair type. And last but not least, have the discipline to follow the suggested regime.

Keep your mane in shape
August-2014_Beauty_tips2_02The saying that you must trim your hair every two months is something we have heard ever since we can remember. However the reason behind it has remained a mystery for most of us. It definitely doesn’t make hair grow faster. It is the follicle that determines how much your hair grows; cutting the ends won’t affect it at all. However, getting rid of split ends reduces hair breakage and gives long life to your locks. This is perhaps what makes them longer. “The most important reason is to keep your hair healthy and fresh,” says Maha Crestina, senior stylist at Toni & Guy.

Don’t over clean
“The normal shampoo routine is usually three times per week, but it depends on the hair texture, environmental exposure and its nature,” explains Maha.

Shampooing your hair everyday may be more harmful than you think. It is important to have a look at the label on the shampoo bottle. Do not purchase those with alcohol and strong detergents.

I know it is hard to find one at a reasonable price and without the common sodium lauryl sulphate ingredient, but it is an investment that can help improve the texture and strength of your hair. The sulphate does an excellent job in removing oily residues that are insoluble in water, but this also means that it will probably dry your hair out. If you have a sensitive scalp, avoid products with this sulphate in the formula.

Extra care
There are many different products in the market to finish a style. If you have curls, look for those specific for this kind of hair. Having straight hair is not an excuse to just wash your mane and leave it to deal with the harsh environment. Applying the correct after shower product will protect your strands from harmful sun-rays, pollution, dust and wind. Have a look through the shelves and try to find one that will best suit your hair.

Tried and Tested
August-2014_Beauty_tips2_03I really enjoy innovative products. I’ve been testing Herra Protect Hair Perfume for a couple of weeks now and I intend to keep on using it. The product is a combination of sunflower extracts, UVA and UVB protection, olive fruits oils, glycerine and fragrance. The ingredients help protect the structure of the hair and encourage the retention of moisture in the strand to improve hair’s vitality, shape and finish. The extra feature is the fragrance that is a blend of key notes that will complement your perfume.

The idea of spraying perfume on my hair sounded a little bit wild for me in the beginning. However, I’m now addicted to it. The comforting aroma is the best part of the product. Knowing that with just three to four sprays in an umbrella movement over my head my hair is going to be protected against harmful external agents is just great. It is easy to apply, carry and fall in love with.

What: Herra Protect Hair Perfume
Where: @herraMENA on Instagram
How often: Three to five times per day
Favourite feature: Easy to apply and wonderful smell!

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