Set The Table

Having a meal together as a family during the Holy Month is all about tradition.
Why not go all out and create a real dining experience?

When all is said and done, Ramadan comes once a year; it would be a shame to serve your banquet on a blank canvas.

For a truly festive spirit, set the scene with beautiful tableware; turn the evening into quite the soiree. Weeks are spent ensuring you have the right products; hours are spent preparing the feast of honours. It’s the perfect excuse to make an effort. The dinner table ought to look its very best — full of festive flair and luxury. This is where a beautiful set of dinnerware really comes into its own.

Tea party

Beautiful serving dishes are a must when you are expecting guests. Pay attention to the presentation of your food. Dusting your plates with a sprinkle of icing sugar before serving is a top tip to elevate any pudding from a simple sweet treat to a stylish dessert.

Contemporary finesse
Bowls, glass jugs and mason jars look effortlessly chic. Pewter trays and coasters seem incredibly refined, giving you the room to include fun touches. Cutlery can make a statement; quality pieces like sterling silver cheese knives are practical. Choose snowy white napkins and a rich hue for the runner to add a pop of colour without looking busy.


Vintage pieces
Keep things simple with the odd splash of gold or silver. Bring out the antiques and polish them to ensure a touch of sparkle. Don’t forget to accessorise. Bronze napkin rings will give the setting a sense of occasion.
For art’s sake Choose tableware items that have artistic influences. Opt for plates, cups and bowls in unconventional shapes for a modern, artistic twist. Pick dishes with unusual and striking colours and decorations. Incorporate some sleek, modern vases or hand-forged silverware in twisted, slanted shapes for visual interest.

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