September 2012: Write Here Write Now

Paving the Way
I read your article “Reaching out for Redemption” and it occurred to me that these fine female doctors were not simply performing the gender-filler roles we have become so accustomed to seeing in the many new-born democracies today.

On the contrary, these are today’s true leaders, shaping their specialised communities as the whole of their society tries to emerge from a unity-shattering experience. In this reborn Bahrain Medical Society, the female doctors have started the healing process to recover from that painful experience. And further, they have set an example for the rest of their country.
I salute the courageous women of the Bahrain Medical Society. For their bravery, pro-activeness, and providing their healing empathy at a time my nation needs it most. Bassam, by email.

A Teacher’s Role
The article “Supporting Early Mathematics” written by Dr Clare Beckett-McInroy and Simon McInroy is very inspiring. Mathematics is simple enough for bright kids with mathematics genes; however others find it a struggle.
The article cleverly outlined how a teacher should provide an enriched learning environment where a child can learn in the way they find easiest. Parents will also find the article helpful to understand the need to provide the mentioned early experiences for their child.
I personally believe that mathematics should not be taught as a stand-alone subject matter. Assessment in mathematics is irrelevant when it comes to young children. A large amount of children learn mathematics only by interacting with concrete objects and so computers can be inappropriate for the teaching and learning of the subject.
Joanita, by email.

Home Inspiration
I am so glad that you have decided to incorporate a home shopping article, and I’m really hoping that this is a regular page now! I am an utter home interior fanatic, but have to admit that I am pretty clueless when it comes to what actually looks good and is ‘in fashion’, so I will take all of the advice I can get from the WTM team!

I am completely in love with the Roche Bobois colourful chest of drawers; this is just the kind of piece I need to brighten up a room and I will be hunting this one down for my bedroom. Claire, by email.

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Reaching out for Redemption

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