Seeing Stripes

Patterns continue to be big in 2013 in the world of interiors. Leading the troop are stripes, in all sizes and colours. Here are our tips to master the trend without going overboard.

Owing to its simplicity and limitless options, there is hardly a more undemanding trend to apply to your home than stripes. It lets you play with dimensions and transform dull rooms with a single item. It helps you change a living space without changing much at all. The trick to using it in home décor is similar to your wardrobe rules. As the eye-engaging pattern is so directional, it can help create an illusion with the size of a space.

Dos and don’ts
A place we often forget needs beautification is the kitchen. A subtle way of adding some colour to this space is by using striped linens. You can also take this trend on a bigger level to the dining room. Table settings can liven up this area more than you can imagine. @home offers amazing sets of cloths, placemats, runners and napkins. Opting for striped table runners can instantly make a short table appear longer. For the same reason, avoid using them on long tables.

Why not leave the stripes to the crockery? A large plate with colourful concentric circles can make a great centrepiece. For a more simplistic yet fun touch, you could use dinner sets that boast a hint of stripes closer to the edge. However, stay clear of striped everyday water and wine glasses. While striped walls are acceptable, striped floors are definite no-nos. Unless you want people to be dazed and ignore the rest of the interior, this is something you should avoid. If you like the effect of the pattern on a floor, opt for a rug.

It is impossible to think of stripes and not think of Paul Smith. The rugs from the designer are perfect for the theme. A trick to making a couch look wider and thus more spacious is to place the rug closer to its edge.

Stripes help pull disjointed solid elements together. If you are one of those who adore one-tone spaces, a graphic-striped rug is all you need as you can see with Crate & Barrel. The chic cool grey walls are well complemented by the grey and white rug which anchors the space in an understated manner.

Those choosing the trendy DIY method of decorating will find that seat cushions are a great way to add colour and pattern to your room. An advantage is that it can be easily changed when your mood shifts in the next season.

A favourite is the striped pouf and Freedom seems to have an attractive collection of these beauties. A funky chair can make a lot of difference, whether it is for the dining table or the corner of a living room. Roche Bobois offers an exciting range in fruity tones. If you don’t want to get a whole set of chairs, draping a striped throw over those at home gives a similar effect. Check out the variety at BoConcept.

Adorn walls, shelves or the mantel with striped frames which draw focus to photos. A horizontal pattern, however, pushes your eyes toward other collectibles. For a more creative touch, you could pick up Audrey Hepburn’s stunning picture from THE One.

In the bedroom
Striped bedding has been a people’s favourite for ages. However, this is very tricky to pass off as elegant. Stripes might be popular, but it is also difficult to avoid crossing the line and moving into a realm of tackiness.

You don’t want your bed to look like giant pyjamas. Pick horizontal stripes, preferably like those available in Zara Home, which have an added benefit of making your bed look wider, and therefore more inviting. Keep it at the foot of the bed for a stylish look. Never treat a striped blanket like a slipcover as the lines get displaced.

A reverse effect would be using striped pillows on your bed, or in any other cosy corner. Mix it up a little so they don’t overwhelm each other. Even one solid colour can make the pattern on the others more striking.

Add little touches of stripes around the room with accessories like vases and jars. Zara Home has a lovely selection of these pieces which work best on antique tables.

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