From sustainable pieces to art support, our retail picks put you in the right mood for the bright spring days ahead.

Protected from the Sun
Optica brings the latest collection of the Danish eyewear — Lindberg. Handcrafted with exclusive materials and lenses with effective anti-reflex coating, the sunglasses can be found in different designs.

Kids’ Fashion
April-2014_Retail_Therapy_01Monsoon celebrates the warm days and bright blue sky with a collection full of colour and style. Find embellished dresses, embroidered denims and printed swimwear made in practical designs that are easy to wash and wear.

Sustainable Style
Amber Valetta is the face of H&M’s Conscious spring collection. Inspired by the desert, the fabrics used include organic cotton, recycled cotton, recycled polyester, hemp and Tencel.

Ocean Drive
Punt Roma hits the beach this season with nautical stripes and floral dresses. Accessories, such as handbags and scarves, add a touch of bright shades to the outfits.

April-2014_Retail_Therapy_02Wearable Artistry
Annada’s scarves are not just stylish to wear; the delicate pieces are pure art! The prints usually come from Middle Eastern artists. Go online to check the story behind each painting!

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