Red is the Colour

While there is no harm in enjoying every moment of this festive month, take the time to consider those less fortunate as one particular World Day returns with some hard-hitting statistics.

World AIDS Day is observed on December 1 every year and has become one of the most recognised international health days. It is dedicated to raising awareness of the AIDS pandemic caused by the spread of HIV infection.

However, this recognition shouldn’t be refined to 24-hours, an aim that campaigns such as (RED) are trying to counteract.

This initiative’s manifesto wants to deliver an AIDS free generation, an achievement that statistics show is possible. In 2010, 1,000 babies were born every day with HIV and by this year that number was reduced to 900. By 2015 this figure can be near zero if help is given to stop the transmission of the disease from mothers to their babies.

How you can help
Items associated with the campaign are available to buy in all manner of places worldwide. The price between a non-(RED) item and a (RED) one is no different and so you won’t find yourself any poorer after your purchase.

Upon your purchase, 100 per cent of the money you spend goes directly to the Global Fund, an initiative that finances HIV and AIDS programmes in Africa.

The (RED) partners
As previously mentioned, the choice of products supporting the campaign is vast. Companies from Coca Cola, to Starbucks, to Apple, to Belvedere Vodka are involved, each selling (RED)-specific items to fund the cause. If you can’t find the items in stores in the Kingdom, you can shop online.

Results so far
To date, US$195m has been contributed to the Global Fund to fight the infection. This money has helped 14 million people and significantly lessened the statistics of those affected by this terminal disease.

An HIV positive pregnant woman can give birth to an HIV free baby as 98 per cent of mother-to-child HIV transmission incidents are preventable with the correct medicine. Heartbreakingly, half of the children born with the disease will die before their second birthday if they don’t receive treatment.
To reach an AIDS-free generation, it will take 1.4 million HIV positive women on medication that costs just 40 cents a day.

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