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Your pick of accessories to enjoy a bright sunny day by the beach or pool tells a lot about you. Get trend-setting pieces to show off your stylish side.

Sunrays are important when it comes to helping your body adjust vitamin levels. It is also your BFF for tanned skin. Nevertheless it is an enemy for your eyes. Protecting them (with style) is a rule to avoid the harmful rays and to keep wrinkles away. Juicy Couture has fashionable pieces for different face shapes.

Get trendy, get protected! A large-brimmed hat should be on the top of your fashion shopping list. Despite being one of the most fashionable pieces to add in your wardrobe, it is also the item you shouldn’t leave home without in the hot summer of the Middle East. The blazing sun is the perfect excuse to put your chic hat on. Natural material is the best option for this Accessorize sombrero.


Your summer bag must carry all necessary items for a relaxing day: sunblock, water, a towel, a book, healthy snacks, plus all the basics like your mobile phone, wallet, sunglasses’ case, lipstick and anything else that you feel impossible to live without. At Women’s Secret you will find bags and other seasonal treats.


Your summer towel must be different from your regular white and boring everyday ones. This tie-dye absorbent cloth from Marks & Spencer can be used after swimming or to lie down in the white sand. Standing out in the crowd with a piece that follows the latest trend is the key to reaffirm your style.

The heat follows you everywhere you go; the only solution is to keep the air conditioner on. When you are not indoors, this classy fan from Carolina Herrera can help you get some breeze. The modish item is also a cool accessory to complement your look. Can you picture yourself pulling out this amazing tool from your handbag?

Going to the pool? Look stunning when leaving the water. A coloured lightweight kaftan adds style to your sunbathing days. After a refreshing swim, a thin fabric and cosy dress is what you need to avoid a slimy feeling. This Wallis piece will take you to the coolest pool party and to a casual get-together.


Forget about heels when going to the beach. The best companion for your summer days on the sand is comfy flip-flops. This Lacoste pair will add glamour to your outfit. The golden accent delivers the laid-back elegance for your fancy girls’ encounters. Your feet will be relaxed and fashionable.

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