Raise Some Eyebrows

From the multitude of runway shows we’ve seen this season, one feature stands out – heavier, darker, longer brows. And you thought they were daring last year?

Bold and beautiful
For over three decades, perfectly shaped, thin eyebrows have been the norm. Not anymore! If you’ve got naturally thick, large brows, now is the time to flaunt them. For the less fortunate, fill them in. In both cases, grooming is mandatory!

Smooth ruffled feathers
It’s easy to let them grow out. The problem with thick brows is that the line between wild and fashioned is slim. Tame unruly strands with eyebrow gel for a set of defined, tough arches.

Raise the bar
The strong, bushy brows of spring catwalks come with a twist this winter. Say hello to the high curve! Elevated arches create a naturally bold look, opening up the eyes and framing the face. The accentuated lift should be made at the highest point of the eyebrow.

On the dark side
A tint of colour adds definition. For the blondes amongst you, try going a shade darker. It will help nail that fierce look.

Fill in the blanks
Years of grooming might have taken a toll on your face-framers. Draw light strokes in the direction of growth with a pencil that matches your brow colour. Use fewer strokes at the ends. An angled brow brush and powder can be used to fill in bare areas.

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