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Do you want to become an expert in DIY nails? Woman This Month has selected five tips that will help you get a salon quality manicure in the comfort of your home.

Layer Up
The nail polish must have an even coverage. To get the perfect result, instead of applying one thick coat, make thin layers (as many as necessary). A thick coat will only dry on top, leaving your manicure vulnerable to smudges.

Read the Label
It is very important to check the formula of the products you are using to avoid smudges and dents. If your nail polish is B3F, make sure your base and top coat are too. If the top coat isn’t B3F it will dry faster than the polish underneath.

Tidy Job
The hardest part may be removing the excess of nail polish that paints the skin around the nail. Try applying petroleum jelly, such as Vaseline, to protect your skin from errant nail polish strokes. But be careful, if it reaches the nail, the polish may not stick.

On the Shape
Nail files are not supposed to go back and forth, it can weaken the nails. Instead they should go from the corners towards the centre in one direction. For a smooth and uniform look, you can use a nail buffer to polish and shine the nail.

Manicure Villains
Humidity and wind can affect your impeccable manicure. The annoying bubbles you find after applying the top coat is directly related to the exposure to these elements.

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