Power Prints

Dress to impress in all manner of prints. Embrace bold florals, digital designs, fearsome animal inspirations and oversized Jacquard motifs.

The Show-Stoppers

One attention-grabbing piece can be all you need. Channel this impacting trend through one-piece items that will show how style savvy you are and that you aren’t afraid to show it!

The Trouser

Statement separates, such as trousers, are ideal if you crave a touch of printed style but envisage teaming it with something more muted. Choose a neutral top that won’t steal the limelight from your print of choice.

The Accessories

Here is where you can really have some fun. You can go all-out and pair a patterned shoe with an equally-patterned outfit, or add just a smidgen of exuberance to a single-tone or muted look.

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Pencil Skirts

Trouser Suits