Plan the Perfect Honeymoon

The most compatible couple will be exhausted, emotionally if not physically, after planning the simplest wedding. Your honeymoon is your escape from stress. These tips will help you keep planning this stage completely hassle-free. 

Pick a spot
As adventurous as the concept of throwing a dart on a map may sound, this is not the time to be spontaneous. You don’t want to celebrate your love drenched in a rainforest or scorched in a desert. Find a place that you both can enjoy, both alone and together. If you’ve ever had a dream destination on your bucket list, this is your chance to get there.

Stay entertained
Newlyweds have felt cheated by honeymoon packages, which left them seeing nothing and doing much less. Your honeymoon is still a holiday. You want to wake up when you feel like it, go where your feet take you and you would like to stay idle or busy depending on your mood. So plan your activities together for lazy and lively days.

A surprise element
April-2014__10Tips_01This might not be the best marriage advice, but you don’t need to share everything. Nothing beats a good surprise. Treat your partner to an unexpected spa day or book your last night’s stay in a luxury hotel. You could even sneak in a short cruise.

Travel smart
You’ll be returning with souvenirs. Pack light. You don’t want to be occupied with work or stay hooked onto the screen. So leave your laptop behind. Wedding and engagement rings tend to get lost on honeymoons; keep them in a safe. Make sure you’ve some kind of paperwork at hand that proves you’re a couple.

Something new
You could be talking to someone about your honeymoon even when you’re 80 and have forgotten what you had for breakfast. Make the story worth hearing. Learn something new while on holiday. It could be something as simple as a dance or cooking class.

Ask for help
This is what makes The Amazing Race so entertaining. Couples find out so much about each other while travelling. Don’t let your ego get the best of you. If you’re lost, ask for directions. If you’re out of ideas, ask hotel staff or other tourists. If you’re utterly clueless from the start, let a travel agent help you plan.

April-2014__10Tips_02It’s no secret
Your honeymoon is one thing you don’t want to keep a secret. You will be surprised by the number of freebies that come your way. Have a sign hanging from your neck if that’s what it takes to get a free drink! No one’s judging.

Know your budget
Once you’ve tied the knot, it’s important to understand each other on a financial ground as well. It is vital that you discuss how much money you want to be spending on the holiday. Remember, there’s life beyond the honeymoon.

Indulge without guilt
You’ve spent months counting calories and running for miles. Dive into every meal; there’s no room for guilt.

Come back soon
No, we don’t mean spending a weekend on the road and calling it a honeymoon. You need time to recuperate at home before you head back to work. Return from your holiday at least a day or two before the office expects to see you at your desk.

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