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Nothing lets you start off your day on the right foot like coffee does. Immerse yourself in an entirely innovative and up-to-the-minute energy-boosting experience.

Why it was selected
A brand that focuses on quality, design and sustainability instantly wins customers’ respect and loyalty. Nespresso is one such company with the added advantage of being related to coffee. For caffeine addicts across the globe there need not be a better reason to be a fan of their coffees or espresso machines than the perfect blends and strong aromas.

The brand has 16 Grands Crus capsules with distinct characters and aromatic notes. Each full set is made of seven espresso blends, three of pure origin (from Brazil, Colombia and India); three for lungos (or long espressos) and three decaffeinated kinds.

The intensity of each type varies from two to 10 units, 10 being the strongest. Challenge your olfactory senses and identify floral and fruity notes as compared to those of wood and wine among many others. Or you could just lay back and enjoy a good cup of coffee.

What we like
The designs and the colour-coded capsules are winning features. Balancing the best of innovation and simplicity, their machines are compact enough to fit any space. As it is available in quite a few colours and designs, it makes for the perfect accessory for your kitchen and office alike.

User-friendliness is imperative to Nespresso. Forget about dealing with space-consuming jars and cutlery as they have managed to fit all you need for the perfect cuppa tightly into a single capsule.
Bid farewell to cleaning woes as well; all it takes is placing the detachable parts under running water. Who knew coffee machines could be so low maintenance?

What else to look for
Nespresso focuses on sustainability through the Ecolaboration programme that has three primary commitments: coffee, capsules and carbon footprints. Eighty per cent of the coffee used is sourced from the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality Programme which guarantees small-scale farmers higher remuneration when they preserve the fauna and the flora by limiting soil erosion and optimising water management.

Secondly, they have arranged for collection systems to triple their capacity to recycle the used capsules to 75 per cent. Finally, the automatic power-off functions enables them to save energy and thus their carbon footprint by 20 per cent per cup.

Where to find it
Shop for Nespresso at Bahrain City Centre.
Call 8000 1999 (toll free).

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