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Anniversaries are always an event to celebrate, especially if the number of years representing excellence in designing jewellery reaches 175. 

Why it was selected
It is not everyday that a brand celebrates its 175th anniversary. Tiffany & Co is certainly in good shape for a company with a long history of success. The highlight of their celebration was an exhibition featuring jewellery from the brand’s archives and the appearance of the company’s greatest icon, the yellow 128.54 carat diamond at Dubai Mall last month.

The exhibition titled ‘A Legacy of Diamonds’ also presented a contemporary collection of handcrafted jewellery featuring the gemstones the company first introduced, along with the world’s rarest coloured diamonds. An opportunity for customers, gem collectors and jewellery historians, the setting helped them appreciate the company’s heritage.

What we like
Being an important luxury destination, Dubai was chosen as one of only casino online three cities outside New York to showcase the Tiffany Diamond. Alongside Tokyo and Beijing, this UAE state represents the importance of the Arabic market in the luxury scene across the globe.

The Tiffany Diamond is the finest yellow diamond ever discovered. Found in the Kimberly diamond mines in South Africa in 1877, the rough stone was acquired the following year by the founder, Charles Lewis Tiffany.

What else to look for
Tiffany’s coloured diamonds are a marvel from nature. The list of gemstones introduced to the world by this jewellery giant includes the shimmering pink morganite discovered in Madagascar; the lilac-pink kunzite from California; tanzanite, blue like the ocean with flashes of violet, found in Tanzania; and tsavorite, also from Africa, with a rich green hue. The stones with saturated colours and fine cuts reveal their natural charisma when touched by Tiffany’s skilled artisans.

Where to find it
Shop for Tiffany & Co at Moda Mall. Call 17 531-616.

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