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The men of today are in charge of their dress code and show great interest in showing off their best outfits. Nevertheless, we women still need to give our valued opinion. Check out our menswear selection to update your refined fashion instinct.

Why it was selected
Boggi brings out a contemporary aspect to traditional and casual menswear. The brand has two main collections: a formal one, which has a smart and sober-spirited feel, and a sportswear section with a casual appeal and more colourful, less pretentious pieces. The new range offers professionals comfortable items, whilst maintaining the elegance and charm of the Italian lifestyle.

What we like

As a brand that puts together a variety of styles, Boggi is an option for those men seeking new office attire. Tailored, traditional jackets can be paired up with well-cut casual trousers and knitted garments for an urban look. The line also showcases a selection of coats made with wool and cashmere blends or jersey for the cold season. Classic shirts are designed with intricate checkered and striped patterns in tones of baby blue and a hint of bold colours, creating a neat and polished look.

What else to look for
With 70 years of history, Boggi has undergone a process of evolution and operates in over 110 locations worldwide. Recently, the brand entered new key markets including Paris, Moscow, Munich and Budapest. Future plans for the designer involve launching branches in other metropolitan cities. It is certainly becoming one of the strongest retailers of its kind, so keep your eyes open for more news related to the brand all over the world.

Where to find it Shop for Boggi at Bahrain City Centre. Call 17 172-316.

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