Party Ready

End of the year gatherings are here. Plan your festive make-up and hair styles to go with your partywear.

Natural Glow
‘Less is more’ is a statement that stands true when it comes to beauty. As long as you’re not off to a costume party, bring your make-up and hair styling closer to your natural look with a few extra touches. Give more attention to your complexion. Flawless skin speaks for itself. Don’t forget, a relaxed expression is always your best look.

Neat and Chic
A fantastic idea to look good without worrying too much is to go for a slick pony tail. If the occasion is casual, keep it high with some volume in front. For formal events, tie it lower, preferably very near to the nape of your neck, and cover the rubber band with a band of your hair. For it to be flawless, opt for blow-drying before styling.

Super Knot
Buns are always a great option to show that you’ve put some effort in getting your hair done. Many different styles are available. It can be high or low, with braids or have a few loose strands. Besides giving you a great look, it is also the ideal choice for those bad hair days when tying it up is the best (and sometimes the only) way out.

A Flash of Colour
If you want to add some colour to your lids, get inspiration from your outfit or main accessory. Pick a similar shade in a lighter tone and apply it only on the inner area of your lids. Lighten it when moving towards your eyebrow. If you’re wearing neutral coloured clothing, like black or white, opt for gold and silver hues for an oomph effect.

Cat Eyes
Create a mysterious feline look with your favourite eyeliner. Start with a thin dash inside your upper lid and move it towards the outer end, thickening it as you go. Make a flick when you reach the end and draw a nice curve. You can choose to have it thin or thick. The aim is to call attention to your eyes.

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