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I loved the short report on London Modest Fashion Week in last month’s issue and the fact that there was a Bahrain brand represented. I don’t cover but have many friends who do and some of them are among the most stylish women I know, so it’s no surprise that modest fashion is, as you said, going mainstream. I’d like to know more about the designers featured — any chance you could do a follow-up?

Ed: We’re also interested, Raniah, and will try to bring you more news in a future issue.

I loved your weddings feature in the last issue. I’m getting married this summer and am mired in last-minute arrangements. The idea for a lingerie shower is one I’ve hinted at to some of my close friends — it seems like great fun and thanks for the off-the-wall hen night ideas. I’ll be having two parties, one here in Bahrain and one back home in the UK. I really fancy a gaming night for the Bahrain one and, since it might turn into a sten night, with some of my male friends coming along too, this would be ideal and it’s something I would never have thought of. Well done, keep up the good work.

Thanks for carrying Dr Jinan’s answers to the woman who was experiencing night sweats last month. I’m having the same issue and was feeling very down about it. I’ll be taking her advice and hoping for a cooler summer.

This month, since Ramadan is here, we’re giving away a delicious Arabic-inspired scent from French brand Guerlain – Ambre Eternal, limited edition eau de parfum.

House perfumer Thierry Wasser drew inspiration from the treasures of the East to create Ambre Eternel, a powerful sillage that makes the ideal scent for men and women alike. The main ingredient in this amber accord is ambergris, which gives a sensual, voluptuous character. The amber accord then unfolds, roused by the spicy facets of cardamom and coriander, before delicately melting into a blend of orange blossom absolute, leather and woody notes.

Ambergris is a rare and precious raw ingredient, naturally secreted by the whale, with its fine qualities revealed after several years’ oxidation under the action of seawater and the sun’s rays.

For a chance to get your hands on this prize, keep your eye on our social media pages.

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