October 2013: Write Here Write Now

Make time for yourself
First of all, let me congratulate the Woman this Month staff, especially Elma, for a very informative, imaginative and most of all chic and stylish magazine in Bahrain. Bravo! I am now an avid fan of your magazine. The change in your magazine layout is very impressive in each edition and I’ve always wanted to write to you.

In your September edition, I read a piece regarding thyroid disease. I always thought I was like superwoman, even when I started getting extremely tired, gained weight and had difficulty in breathing. I hadn’t taken it seriously until I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue with shortness of breath and subclinical hyperthyroidism.

When I Googled thyroid diseases, I found that I had already experienced all the symptoms, but I ignored them by telling myself that they were just signs of ageing. Now, I am struggling with hormonal changes.

I feel this experience is worth sharing as most of the women have the same mentality of being a superwoman. We are doing so many things at the same time. We think of others first before ourselves.

Though there are circumstances that are really unavoidable, we have to stop to hear the echoing voice inside our body and feel the need to change. We have to understand that change of age demands a change of lifestyle. We should get regular health checkups and remember to follow up!
Maria, by email.

Taking a big step
Reading an article about a woman and knowing how she got past the boundaries of life is an inspiration for every girl and woman around the world. The September edition of Woman this Month, showcasing Shayma Amin’s powerful and strong personality, has given me a slight but amazing idea of how women are supposed to be and how they can be.

This article isn’t only about how we should be thinking and acting outside the box. It showed me how powerful women can be, how everyone can make a difference, and how to fight the downside of life.

I have this big and steadily growing dream about working for the UN and this article and many such articles posted by your magazine keeps inspiring and motivating me to follow my dreams and not worry about failure and to just keep ‘pushing the boundaries’!
Madushi, by email.

Across the border
I love Woman this Month. It is so interesting. I aim to become a fashion designer one day and the magazine actually suits my taste a lot! I live in Pakistan and look forward to your publication on every month.
Nur, by email.


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