November 2012: Write Here Write Now

Awareness is the Key
Well done to the Woman This Month team for the awareness article on cancer prevention in ‘The Fight of a Lifetime’. It was very heartwarming to know that Bahrainis and expats, individuals and companies alike are all joining hands to support this well-meaning cause.

I have seen cases of different women who succumbed to this terrifying and life-threatening disease. Three of my neighbours were diagnosed; sadly two of them died and the other one survived due to early intervention.
One of my old college friends constantly takes medications and fights very hard each day for her survival, but luckily things appear to be looking up. Additionally, my late grandmother had a breast removal procedure and I was so amazed by her strength in facing the consequences.

October is cancer prevention month and the ongoing awareness campaign programme ‘Think Pink Bahrain’ has given it new meaning because cancer is not something we need to fear anymore. Your article has provided the right information on how to deal with the big C even before it happens.

Awareness about the disease is the key that every woman needs to know to prevent it. Facing our fears is next and then doing what we’ve got to do, such as seeking professional help and undergoing examinations based on what type of cancer one has. The loving support of our families and friends will make the burden a little bit easier.

Being healthy is one of our main priorities in living a full life. Nobody ever wants it. But we don’t have the answer on why certain bad things happen even to good people. So, being aware about the disease is the first big step. Keep it up, WTM!
Mira,  by email.

A Fashionable Show
Your article ‘Through the Ages’ featured in September’s magazine was very interesting. I found the dresses and the displays mentioned very alluring and an example of the strength of Parisian fashion.
The exhibition seems to be a perfect archive of a woman’s dream wardrobe that marks the six decades of Chloe designs. I think it’s a nice way of giving fans some style inspiration and a history of the brand. Visitors to the exhibition will also get a feel for the brand’s iconic style and a sense of the soft and elegant designs that embody the spirit of Chloe.
Anonymous, by email.

Time to Get Shopping!
Thank you, Woman This Month team, for creating such a concise AW12 trend guide. Unfortunately, we don’t get much in the way of fashion shows or news here, so it is great to have your magazine providing us ladies with ideas of how to dress for the new season. You have shown how on the ball you are!

I love the clear way that you outlined the 12 key themes and the range of brands that you included. I particularly liked the black and white contrast page and will be rushing out to buy some similar items myself.
Diana, by email.

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