Night Repair

The best time to treat your skin is while you’re asleep. Here are the tricks to waking up beautiful.

Pleasant Complexion
Dark spots and blemishes can be diminished while you sleep. Some brands offer night creams that help brighten the skin, even your complexion and reduce discolouration. Most skin problems can be solved by applying trusted creams using your fingertips.

Walking on Clouds
February-2014_Beauty_tips2_02Your feet are always holding you up during the day, taking you from one place to another and carrying all your weight. So treat them while they rest at bedtime. Find your favourite lotion, preferably ones that can heal cracks. Apply it gently avoiding the space between the toes. For better results, put on some socks and enjoy velvety soft skin after this night spa regime.

Getting Younger
Anti-ageing products are gaining popularity and come in ‘day’ and ‘night’ sets. Technology has created specific formulas meant to be applied at night. Made with elements that can’t be exposed to sun rays, these are stronger and deliver the best results. The perfect brand is one that makes your skin feel moisturised comfortable.

Healthy Strands
Your hair is exposed to harmful elements, such as sun rays and pollution. Several cosmetic brands have extended their range with haircare products. Repair oils applied to the ends of your hair overnight will certainly deliver better results than when used during the day.

Deep Sleep
Everyone knows that a good night’s sleep is essential for a healthy complexion. All women look forward to beauty sleep, but dreamland doesn’t always come so easily. Certain oils and teas can help you fall asleep and recover from a tiring day. Give it a shot.

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