Metal Mania

This has to be one of the coolest, most hard-hitting trends of the season. Designers have gone mad for metal. Metallic sheens, glittery accessories and shimmering sequins — it’s like haute-couture for robots!

Shimmer and Sheen

Why would you swan about in a normal dress at a cocktail party when you could turn up looking like a designer bullet? We adore this trend for its crazy blend of elegance and futurism.
Full length gowns with metallic corsets, chiffon tops paired with metallic PVC trousers, helmets as accessories. — It’s a mad juxtaposition, but for some reason it really works. Nearly all of the looks that we’ve seen for this trend have been strikingly feminine.

Silver, gold and copper are obviously the main players on the colour spectrum for this trend, but some designers, such as Christopher Kane, have jazzed up their looks by turning unexpected hues into metallics.

As well as metallic leathers and plastics, you will also notice sequins and glitters appearing, adding a bit of shimmer and dazzle to the looks.

Mix & Match
If it shines or sparkles, we’ve found it. Here’s our selection:

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