Merry Festivities to One and All!

Alison ColdrigeThere can’t be a person in the Kingdom who doesn’t love December. The year’s final month is a favourite for men, women and children and offers people of all religions and nationalities a joyous reason to celebrate and unite.

Of course there is Christmas, which brings with it Santa Claus, caroling, tree lighting and delicious (albeit slightly fattening) food. This is followed by New Year’s Eve — a huge celebratory night for people worldwide. Inspired by our new fashion and beauty editor, our 10 Tips article covers a Brazilian New Year tradition that suggests your fortune will be determined by the colour you wear on the last night of the year.

Think of this issue as a Christmas cracke, fit to burst with inspiration for decorating your home, choosing appropriate attire and purchasing presents. We’ve gone all out in embracing the festive season and have included articles on how to dress for each event in Get the Look, eat well in our Five Fruits of Christmas article and even survive the winter chill in our Wellbeing piece — if you are venturing outside of Bahrain’s warm climate!
If you are stuck for gift ideas, help the AIDS and HIV cause by purchasing (RED) goods which you will find in all manner of shops. We have covered where you can buy such items in the Campaign article to coincide with World Aids Day this month.

Bahrainis will be rejoicing in two celebrations of their own; Bahrain Women’s Day which falls on December 1 and the Kingdom’s National Day on December 16. Look out for exhibitions, tournaments, firework displays, carnivals and other such events held in celebration of these important days.
And if you really want to escape it all, check out the website that we have featured in our Online section to find out how to uncover some of the world’s most elite hot-spots.

Whatever your plans for this month, the team at Woman This Month wish you a very merry festive season and a happy New Year. Remember to reflect on the past year, make time for your loved ones and don’t forget to make your resolutions. Happy holidays!

Alison Coldridge
Assistant Editor

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