May 2018 Star Gazing

Raphael tells us what’s written in the stars this month

Family life has never seemed so good and the future bodes well for home matters. You’ll find yourself reflective throughout May and perhaps even discover an unexpected emotional side. Matters of the heart may be less trouble free and you should be careful not to speak before you think. Your misplaced words could cause more than just heartache to a partner and leave you ruing for a second chance you end up getting.

Financial rewards are yours to enjoy this month and you may even splash out on a new car to celebrate. However, be sure to put aside a little for a rainy day, May could provide a few challenges on the property front. A new role may not work out the way you expected this year and you should consider a change. You are not afraid of making bold decisions so, before you get stuck in a rut you might find hard to escape, take an alternative route for peace of mind.

A family member may approach you looking for financial assistance in a business venture, you should make every effort to help. Although their idea might sound ludicrous, you could be surprised by the personal rewards your investment returns. Career wise you could be struggling with a loss of identity and there is every indication that you need to get some advice as to where you go next. Perhaps it is time to clear out the cobwebs and start again.

A relationship takes a new twist when you discover your partner may have a secret admirer. You could even come across certain information that leads you to question the direction of your love life. However, curb any immediate suspicions until you are more certain of the situation. The best course of action would be to take your concerns to the person in question. Don’t allow misplaced jealousy to take the reins. On the home front, you might feel like treating yourself.

Could it be that the love bug has taken such a hold on you that you’re losing sight of other important things? Maybe you need to step back and analyse the situation a little better since the signs suggest that romantically you could be moving just that little bit faster than your partner. To save yourself any potential embarrassment be sure and allow common sense to prevail. On the house front there could be reason to distrust those close to you when a relative begins to spread gossip.

Just recently you’ve been plagued by several niggling doubts that have caused you to re-evaluate your life. Consequently, when an idle comment is made this month, it’s going to cut a little deeper than expected, putting a series of events in motion that will probably change a lot about how 2018 develops for you. By the time May is over, who you are, where you are and even what you are doing will all have changed because of this single event.

For a great number of you emotions will be high throughout May and this will have something to do with a young-hearted relative who has been on your mind for all the wrong reasons just lately. However, before you act in haste, be sure to judge the situation calmly. You could end up causing unnecessary friction. On the home front, a possible move that you weren’t in favour of will probably turn out better than expected.

May will present you with an opportunity to live out a dream or put an idea into practice that may have seemed beyond your reach. There is the prospect of travelling for several months and perhaps even renting a new property. However, a relationship may suffer and rumours of unrest concerning your partner may reach you. In this instance it is just unfounded and malicious gossip. In fact, there may be a long-term solution which allows your partner to move with you.

A conquest or hurdle, which has hindered your progress will finally become surmountable. In turn, this will also allow you to achieve notable success at work and there could be the opportunity for promotion. On a more negative track, a close acquaintance may become ill and this will place an extra burden on you, forcing you to consider bringing in some outside help.

There is a great deal of upheaval coming your way this month. Plans that you thought were worked out thoroughly could go considerably off course and leave you in disarray whilst a partner’s lack of composure may only contribute to the confusion. You might need to take control of the situation. Also, a young child may give you reason for concern because of an illness. The slightest cause for concern should be acted upon.

You are about to arrive at one of the biggest emotional crossroads of your life when you are presented with a choice that will decide the course you take in a relationship and help determine whether decisions made earlier were correct. Over the last few weeks, a great deal of uncertainty and hesitancy has crept into your life and your thinking could be somewhat clouded. The road to happiness lies open for you but you must first separate the fact from the fiction.

This month will see you breaking out of your self-imposed shell and taking a new grip on your life. If you’ve been feeling down or depressed, it all stops now! Life will become more of an enjoyable challenge and you will relish the chance to involve yourself in it. Work will also bring about positive change and a new arena from which you will learn a great deal. You may employ the more ruthless side of your character and finally detach yourself from anyone holding you back.

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