May 2015: Write Here Write Now

Fashion Lover!
May-2015__Letters2I love the fashion trend spread you bring every new season! I like it because it is very straight forward. It is easy to understand what is going to be in and what we should pick when going shopping. The product selections you make take the fashion show concepts out of the catwalk and into real life. My favourite ones for this spring and summer are the seventies influence and denim fever, I’m very casual and this is a way of changing my wardrobe, but still following the looks that I like most. I’m definitely buying a denim jumpsuit or playsuit, they look so hipster!
Many thanks, Amy.

Bollywood Star
Your cover this month looks amazing! Kareena Kapoor is so beautiful and talented. I am a big fan and I hope Woman This Month will feature more Bollywood actors. Kareena’s story is really inspirational. Although she comes from an illustrious family, she had to go to a lot of struggle to reach where she is today. I’m looking forward to her future films and her visit to Bahrain.
Best wishes, Suhasini.

Sweet Tooth
Thank you so much for your The Bitter Sweet Truth article, it is very informative. Sometimes we don’t realise the amount of unnecessary sugar we ingest. We also should be more careful with the kind of food we offer to our kids. A lot of products that we think are not harmful for them, actually have an incredible amount of sugar, the juice boxes and yogurts for example. We must re-think kids’ lunch boxes, maybe you could do an article about it?
Regards, Reem.

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