Masaya Lounge Adliya

Chef Hemantha has more than 30 years’ experience having started his hotel career in 1984. He studied at the Ceylon Hotel School and won gold medals in several culinary competitions while working in both four- and five-star kitchens.
His skills run across a wide range of cuisines from Thai, Indian, Sri Lankan, Chinese and Japanese to Italian, French and Lebanese.

He says: “When we make the dishes we use correct ingredients, like galangal, kaffir lime leaves, Thai chilies … to give authentic flavours to each dish. Even In Japanese food we use Tobiko, iri goma, seaweed, mirin and wasabi to give the correct taste which is very popular in Masaya-lounge.

“When we make Mediterranean food we use truffle oil, a variety of mushrooms and different kinds of cheese to enrich the dishes and for Indian and Lebanese dishes we use all the traditional spices to achieve the original flavours.”

Ingredients for Rib eye steak
April-2015_Food2_01• 250g Rib eye steak
• 100g mashed potato
• 10g chopped bacon
• 5g chopped onion
• 5g chopped spinach
• 5g chopped garlic
• 15g Butter
• 5g herbs (thyme)
• 10ml olive oil
• 5g salt
• 5g pepper
• 10g each vegetables (carrot. zuchini, broccoli)

Ingredient for Mushroom Sauce
• 10g Portebello Mushroom
• 10g Brown Mushroom
• 5g chopped onion
• 5g herbs
• 20ml Fresh cream
• 5g Gorgonzola Cheese
• 5g Pecrino Cheese
• 5g Parmesan Cheese

Rib eye steak (method)
• Season the Rib eye steak lightly with salt, mill pepper, olive oil and herbs
• Keep the rib eye steak 15 minutes to well season
• Heat the butter in a pan
• Add onion, garlic, bacon, spinach and sauté
• Add mashed potato and correct the seasoning
• Place the rib eye steak on hot greased grill plate
• Grill the rib eye steak according to your liking (rare, medium or well done)
• Boil the vegetables
• Sauté onions in a pan and add vegetables
• Place the mashed potato on a plate
• Arrange rib eye steak and buttered vegetables
• Serve with mushroom sauce.

Mushroom sauce (method)
• Heat the butter in a pan
• Add chopped onion, mushrooms and sauté
• Add fresh cream and chopped herbs
• Add all cheeses
• Simmer and correct the seasoning.

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