March 2017: STAR GAZING

The odd thing about love is that you never know when it will strike nor how – if it so chooses – it will leave you. This is an even bigger issue since many of you are prone insecurity in relationships. The good news is that any concerns over a present relationship are unfounded and a loved one will demonstrate their affection in March. The prospect of a serious commitment may be put before you.

Your life is set to undergo a lot of changes in the coming months, most of them quite positive. There could be some developments on the work front that allow you to take a more hands-on-approach to your job. In a relationship, a partner will surprise you with news that could see you reaping greater financial rewards together. Finally, catching up with a relative at a family reunion will reveal things you were not aware of about one or both of your parents.

Are you feeling a little insecure in a relationship this month? Not getting as much attention as you’re used to? Well, it’s time for you to put your foot down and make the man in your life realise just what a catch he really has in you. If you throw your weight around a little you’ll be surprised at the reaction you get. On March 7, a friend could ask you to baby sit and you could be in for a pleasant surprise.

Have you been blowing your own trumpet again? It would seem so. No one loves the sound of their own voice as much as you and this month it seems your continual crowing about your personal achievements will rub people up the wrong way especially your work colleagues. Still, it’s not all bad. Their anger will be short-lived and once you’ve been brought down a notch or two, I’m sure everything will go back to normal.

Feeling a little distracted in the relationship stakes? It only takes the slightest of things to set those roving eyes a-wandering! Your loyalties will be put to the test this month when an old flame returns looking as stunning as ever and the opportunity to rekindle a romance is on the cards. Take a moment to think things through, haste could lead to hurt. Remember why the two of you split up.

Just recently a few of you have been fairly outspoken – even harsh – with your opinions on others and when someone you criticise decides to bite back, you don’t take it as well as you could. This may lead to an argument and you could end a rather promising evening by making a fool of yourself. Bear this in mind, especially if you’re attending a function around March 10. Unexpected news could reach you by letter around the 27th and you will have to act quickly to prevent a major financial disaster.

You could be in for a bit of a surprise as plans go a bit astray and you are left with egg on your face, much to the delight of your opponents. You’re going to find yourself in a bit of a fix and it will take cunning and a shrewd head to climb out of this situation with your credibility intact. When this incident blows over it might make you think twice about leaving certain responsibilities to people who possess good intentions but lack realistic ability.

The air is filled with mystery and intrigue as you get a sense something is going on behind your back. Rest assured, it’s not anything bad but your curiosity is likely to send you sniffing around for clues. If you can resist the temptation, there is a nice surprise in store. On the work front, an internal memo could turn up on your desk by accident and present you with an opportunity to gain the upper hand on a business rival, so long as you act quickly.

On occasions we can all turn to the most unlikely sources for assistance and a problem that just won’t go away may leave you desperate for a helping hand. Fortunately, there is a light at the end of the tunnel but when you discover who’s holding the torch, you may have to pinch yourself. You will forge a completely unexpected alliance and ultimately, though initially uncomfortable, it will work out better than you would ever have believed.

Whilst things may have turned in your favour on the financial side, the improvement will only be temporary and for the long term you have to put some strict controls in place if you are to prevent things slipping into a serious decline. First and foremost your outlook needs to be reappraised and you have to start distinguishing between what it is you need in life and what it is you actually want.

Things haven’t really gone your way recently and you have suffered an unreasonable amount of stress over property matters and financial shortfalls. The after effects of several bitter disputes still linger and hold you back, but the road is about to turn in your favour. More than anything you shouldn’t be afraid to approach your family and friends for support.

When you look back on how things have changed over the last 12 months you’ll appreciate just how far you’ve come. However, the next few weeks are likely to be critical in determining your own personal development along with that of your partner as some crucial decisions are set to be made. An important phase of your life is waiting in the last quarter of the year and much depends on whether you have the courage to go out there and really grab it with both hands.

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