Make-up Dos and Don’ts

Have you ever heard of the saying: the spell turned against the wizard? That’s exactly what bad make-up tricks can do to you. Check out our list of common mistakes and how to avoid them.

The Cake Face
December-2014__10Tips_01Foundation that’s too thick will penetrate the fine lines on your face and sap the luminosity from your skin. Look for sheer liquid formulas with light-diffusing pigments and use a proper brush to spread the product evenly. Also, be gentle with the amount you squeeze out!

The Reverse Panda
The ‘reverse panda effect’ is an easy mistake to make when you over-conceal your under-eye circles. Concealer is usually lighter than your skin tone, so it is easy to end up with a round white blob in the eye area. To avoid it, pat some powder on top to disguise the brightness.

Over the Top Lips
Lip liner can define your lips and prevent lipstick from straying outside the lines. However, if you line your lips too heavily or with a dark shade, they will look tight and pursed. The tip is to opt for a liner that matches your lip colour and not your lipstick.

Straight from the Tube
Most lipsticks have the same stick format, but its ending doesn’t always deliver the best finishing. For better results, use your ring finger or a lip brush to apply it; this way you don’t deposit too much pigment. Concentrate the product in the centre of your mouth and blend it out.

Full on Fake
Too-dark eyebrows can ruin any look. Making them look full is always a good thing but applying too much tint is plain fake. Choose a tone that is a shade lighter than your natural colour. Liquid or gel formulas are easier to apply and spread. A clear brow gel will put those stubborn hairs in their place and give a great final touch.

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December 2014: Editor’s Note