Make Them Stick!

We all get swept away with the promise of a fresh start. But how many of us actually keep our New Year’s resolutions? Here are tips on how to make them stick.

1. Make a plan
Take on anything in life and you need to be realistic. So make a plan, a clever one! In this case, keep your budget in mind. If your resolution will be taking a toll on your wallet, chances are you will soon give up on it.

2. Be specific
Don’t generalise. Instead of a vague ‘lose weight’ or ‘be social’ aims, get a gym membership or make it a point to catch up with your friends every Friday night.

3. Break it up
Make a number of short-term goals that will help you reach the main one. Breaking it up to a weekly or daily set of activities can make things much easier and attainable.

4. Set a deadline
Giving yourself an actual day where you would expect to see results keeps you on your toes. For example, for travel, you need to have saved this amount of money by this date. For a new fitness regime, you need to have lost five kilos in two months.

5. Talk about it
Tell your close friends and family about your plan. This sets your resolution in stone and gives you motivation to not back out once things get a little hard.

6. Reward yourself
When you reach your short term goals, it’s OK to give yourself a pat on the back. Treat yourself to a shopping spree or a relaxing massage.

7. Track yourself
Track your activities and how much progress you have made so far. This helps determine if you are still on your way to achieving your resolution, or if some amendments need to be made.

8. Ask for help
If you have a pattern of making and breaking resolutions then maybe it is time to bring some one else in on the plan. Ask a spouse, family member or a friend to keep you in check and help with your tasks.

9. Don’t give up
If something interferes with your deadlines, don’t just give up. You may get some obstacles that will derail your goals but you need to accept it and find a way to overcome it.

10. All about perspective
Resolutions are individualised. Think big if you are in a slump; a new adventure, a break-up or a new job. But a radical change is not for everyone — look for everyday steps that could help you grow.

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