Looking Back

Let’s face it, you will be getting copious amounts of attention on your wedding day.

From your walk to the wedding hall, to the time you step into the limousine heading to the honeymoon suite, all eyes will be fixated on you. As a bride, you take an oath to look fabulous, so the back detail of your wedding gown needs to be just as breathtaking as the front.
There are plenty of styles to choose from:

Backless – a daring drop-back is always popular given its ability to add a sensual edge without compromising on sophistication. The plunge can be steep or modest, depending on your preference. Add bows, lace or beads to complement this minimalist choice. Variations include keyhole and cowl backs.
Button up – Evoking vintage charm, button-backs give a dreamy, romantic feel. The most popular style features teeny-tiny buttons either to fasten the dress or have them sewn on for a hassle-free fit. Buttons can be simple or jewelled.

Lace – One of the most versatile fabrics to work with and a favourite with couture designers for its delicate appearance. It can look sexy, chic, elegant, modest or all of the above depending on how it’s used. Lace backs have surged in popularity in the last five years and can be paired with different fabrics to add character to the gown. Variations include sheer with heavy or light embroidery.
Lace-up corsets – Lace-up corsets cinch the waist and fit tightly, giving the illusion of an hourglass figure along with providing flexibility in terms of sizing. A lace panel can be tightened or left wider according to the bride’s body type, so there is no need to worry about the extra weight you gained during your bachelorette party.

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