Little Whimsy

This is the prettiest and most delicate of the Spring/Summer trends. Chantilly lace, intricate beadwork and a whole lot of chiffon are the main ingredients, with the odd corsage making a cameo.

Dainty and Delicate

Some runways were a world of whimsy and fantasy this season, with Elie Saab topping all other designers to produce a collection suitable only for the fairest elven princess.

This is the fairytale trend — think losing yourself in some mythical forest or falling asleep for a hundred years only to be woken by some perfect prince.
The most important component of the whimsical theme has got to be the beadwork. Nearly all of the gowns that made it down the runway involved some sort of delicate beading, be it a beaded flower embroidered onto a bodice or great swirls of tiny beads covering the underlay, with sheer fabric on top.

The other thing to note is the keen approach to flesh-baring. Most designs involve a hint of the body underneath, either by matching the dress to the model’s skin tone, or by allowing for glimpses of the limbs beneath the fabric.

 Mix & Match
Roses, beading and a bit of sparkle. Shop the whimsy trend:

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