Life-Changing Work

Make it your new year’s resolution to help out wherever you can. Involve yourself in one charity’s various campaigns and help make a difference to someone else’s life.

The Palm Association, through fund-raising events and donations, raises money with the aim of helping Bahraini women who have found themselves struggling, due to circumstances including the death of a spouse, divorce, disability or illness. The organisation, conceived in 2000 by two expatriate ladies, makes a difference in needy families’ lives through a number of ongoing projects.

Whilst donations may be made in cash, this is never passed on to the families as it is; instead all of the money given is used to pay for appliances, food, building materials or equipment — items that will aid these needy families’ lives.

Current campaigns The Palm Association has three ongoing projects. Feed a Family includes the distribution of food boxes on a monthly basis. The programme allows the associations’ volunteers to provide and deliver food parcels every month to needy families throughout the Kingdom.

Each family has been highlighted as having financial difficulties by contacts within local communities. Families are assessed regularly and any whose situation improves are removed from the programme and a new family added. All the food items are purchased at wholesale prices, and each food parcel contains basic non perishable items including rice, flour, dried milk, and sugar. The packages are kindly made up and packed by a local supermarket free of charge and delivered using the associations’ own transport.

Another venue called Project Rebuild focuses on home improvements and donations of large electrical appliances. The volunteers visit various villages around the island to help rebuild parts or even entire houses so that they are safe for families to live in.

Finally, Educational Endeavours focuses on providing learning opportunities to those who would not normally be able to afford higher education. The association has a “Sponsor a Student Scheme” at Bahrain University wherein local private schools and individuals raise funds to cover the educational expenses of those who struggle financially.

How you can help You can donate either your time or money or indeed raise money — anything is appreciated. While we are currently facing the colder weather in the Kingdom, you can opt to contribute warm clothing or blankets to those who may not have either.

Show the value of giving to your child; suggest that he or she donates the money that would be spent on birthday party bags. All small gestures go a long way!


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