June 2017: Star Gazing

You seem to be involved in a constant process of change in your appearance, your environment and your job. The truth is that the real reasons behind your actions have deeper rooted foundations and you are only glossing over a more pressing concern. Until you face the real demons inside yourself, you will continue to drift aimlessly. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you can’t do this alone.

Someone appears to have developed a crush on you but they’ve kept their identity hidden and only made contact via letters or flowers thus far. The mystery has excited you but things are set to change as the infatuated romantic finally makes himself known. You’ll be surprised – not only because he is someone you know – but also because you were expecting someone different! It will pose the question of whether two people with such differing opinions can actually get on.

The next few weeks are set to be a period of reflection as you come to terms with past actions, which still snap at your conscience. You will also be give the opportunity to make amends and, if you feel you have been unfair, now is the time to do so. If you leave it much longer, it may be too late. On the home front concerns over finances could force you to take out a loan. Make sure you don’t overestimate on the repayments.

It appears some of you didn’t heed the advice from last month and consequently there could be heartache coming. Whilst you may be able to find comfort from your family, the embrace of a current partner is not something you can warm to any longer and you need to speak the truth. You really want to be with someone else. It seems some of you cannot get the past out of your system. The alternative is to seek out what you want.

You’ve been putting in a lot of hard work over the last few months and while you may be reaping some rewards, there is still more to achieve. Others may be taking the credit and you need to assert yourself and claim not only all the recognition but also the financial gains. In matters of love you have probably never been closer to the person dearest to you so if you sense there is something wrong, don’t be afraid to ask?

You may get a nasty shock this month as someone who’s set upon disrupting your life delivers a blow to a current relationship. You’re far from blameless in the motivations behind their actions, but there’s more at stake here than just your feelings, people you care about could be hurt unless you can think on your feet. Your only hope is to accept the mistakes of your past and admit any indiscretions before they come out from someone else.

If you’ve got your heart set on something special this month, you may be disappointed as crossed-wires lead to things turning out differently. However, matters will rectify themselves so long as you don’t get angry. In matters of love you may find someone’s feelings for you run deeper than you realised. In the coming months you will need to take the initiative if you want things to progress.

Your sign can be a very political animal and you may need these skills over the coming weeks as you become embroiled in a power struggle at work. Choose your side well and make sure those around you can be trusted. There’s dishonesty to overcome if you’re to succeed. Beware a blonde woman with dark eyes who could be planning to bring you down.

A loved one has needed your support for the last few months and now, as they are standing on their own feet again, they want to make it up to you. You can look forward to a surprise that may leave you feeling very emotional. At work a colleague may present you with an opportunity to change direction and you should consider this. Some of you may be troubled with a back complaint and you should be quick to see a doctor.

You will be praised for achieving success with a project. However, for some, the credit could be for someone else’s work. Examine your conscience before leaping into the limelight, the truth will be revealed. On the family front, try and make an effort with a parent since you have been putting all your energies into other things and forgotten some of the people who love you the most. They won’t be here forever so don’t leave it until it’s too late.

Things are not completely stable in your life at present, with many issues causing you concern and causing you to question your ambitions and desires. Chaos is not unfamiliar, many of you thrive on uncertainty, but you need to consider the feelings of others. A partner or loved one needs more attention you should take a moment to appreciate that all relationships require effort.

If you have been feeling down recently, things will look up for you over the coming weeks. Your main concerns are likely to be about career and the home, with both in a bit of a mix up at the moment. You need to make a couple of strong decisions on your future and stick to them. Things have been moving along well but you may not see it. Come the latter part of the year it will become clear and then the fun can start.

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June 2017: Editor’s Note