June 2015: Write Here Write Now

Bride to Be
Your wedding special in Woman This Month May issue is really complete! I’m getting married in September and the whole feature is definitely helping me out. From the beautiful pictures in the photoshoot to the compilation of what each hotel in the island offers. I truly recommend anyone that is planning their wedding ceremony in Bahrain to have a look in this publication. The editorial team did a great job!

Parenting Tips
June-2015__Letters2I receive your magazine every month and I am really enjoying Ghada Salem’s (from Mums in Bahrain) pages. Sometimes I don’t know what to do with my kids and I use the same excuses I’ve seen other parents using that there isn’t much to do in the island. We also blame the weather for anything, however, Ghada always brings interesting ideas, such as the brilliant ways of keeping our kids active and healthy. I’m definitely using her advice of planning the meals with my kids, making it fun with print-outs.

Super Women
It is really good to see an article like “From Distress to De-Stress” that shows that we don’t have to be wonder women. This multi-faceted woman society wants, just drags us to stress. I’m a stay-at-home mum and some days my level of stress is extremely high. Some people say: “but how? You stay at home the whole day,” what people don’t know is that many things can trigger stress. My way of dealing with it is to do something by myself and for myself at least twice a week to keep my sanity.

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