June 2015: Star Gazing

Gemini: May 22 – Jun 21
Difficult times both at home and in the work place have forced you to dig deeply in your reserves of strength recently. However, you have managed to come through to the other side and as you look back upon your achievements this month it will be with a sense of satisfaction and relief. You have had to negotiate bitterness and a lack of appreciation from your superiors as far as your job is concerned.

Cancer: Jun 22 – Jul 23
Many of you are about to go on a journey of rediscovery this month and what you find at the end of it may redefine the rest of your life. The loss of a loved one, the break-up of a relationship or perhaps the realisation of your own ill health could all be factors that contribute towards this major internal shift but whatever the reason, the eventual outcome will be a good one for you.

Leo: Jul 24 – Aug 23
A loved one you have lost touch with recently following an ill-fated trip or excursion
will be in your thoughts this month, driving you towards paying them a visit. However, what you discover when you do seek him or her out is not going to be what you had expected and you will be hard pressed to conceal your sadness when the truth of their situation is realised. It will put life into perspective for you.

Virgo: Aug 24 – Sept 23
Many of you could be feeling neglected in a relationship this month but rather than suffer in silence, you need to sit your partner down and voice your concerns directly. It’s no good hoping that matters will right themselves. On the work front, a colleague could approach you for support in a course of action that is in direct opposition to a senior member of staff, think carefully about what you decide to do.

Libra: Sept 24 – Oct 23
Certain plans that you made back at the start of the year may not be unfolding quite as you would have wanted and this June you will be forced to revaluate your situation and consider an alternative path of action concerning a career move. Although you may feel like all your efforts up until now have been in vain, try to be courageous and above all else, sensibly calm as you seek out a solution.

Scorpio: Oct 24 – Nov 22
Money could be a concern for you this month following some unforeseen expenditure during the early part of the year. On the work front you could have the luxury of deliberating over two job offers but you should not rush into any decision. Both hold opportunity and the scope to progress but you need to make certain you choose the one that will satisfy you rather than just looking at the financial benefits.

Sagittarius: Nov 23 – Dec 21
June is going to be all about new beginnings and exciting opportunities for many of you – especially where romance is concerned. Those of you currently involved in a new relationship will discover that things develop quite quickly this month and what started out as a fairly casual “wait and see” affair will soon take on a much more meaningful position in your life.

Capricorn: Dec 22 – Jan 20
If some of you are feeling a little tired or run down then maybe you should think about grabbing a break away. Although you might be too proud to admit it, the heavy demands of a taxing job have really taken their toll on you recently and you need some time to recharge the very run down batteries! Speak to your partner as you will find him or her quite receptive to the idea.

Aquarius Jan 21 – Feb 19
June will see you getting involved in a friend’s family event that could end up taking over more of your life than you would like. Maybe next time you’ll think twice before being overly generous in your intentions. On the relationship front you will be encouraged by a partner’s efforts in trying to make more time for you after you made it clear that you were not happy with the distance that had grown between you.

Pisces: Feb 20 – Mar 20
You may find yourself coming in for a lot of criticism from a loved one this month as your sometimes cool and analytical approach to even the most sensitive issues in life finally forces someone close to you to snap! Whilst
I’m not suggesting for one minute that you undergo a complete personality change, it might be an idea for you to try and be a little more considerate when faced with emotional issues.

Aries: Mar 21 – Apr 20
Those of you who may be working away from home could find yourself feeling homesick – so much so that you will start to consider whether it is time to return to the fold and more familiar territory once again. Remember that life isn’t about the weight of gold in your pocket or the balance in your bank account so if you need to take a drop in income to feel personally satisfied then do it.

Taurus: Apr 21 – May 21
If you feel like the world has been against you recently then you will be relieved to know that things will appear to ease up this month as you manage to pinpoint the root cause of your anxieties and consequently address them. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind. On the romantic front a long planned date with someone you are quite keen on finally gets to happen this June.

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One Comment

  1. I am completely shocked by what you described about Pisces while I read the June 2015: Star Gazing.
    My sweetheart departed me last month exactly as the reason you mentioned inside June 2015: Star Gazing. Though I am so depressed but your words soothed my sore heart for that I realized that I have to accept what the doomed fate and destination of life.

    I am very thankful for you and be brave to continue the normal life.

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