June 2014: Write Here Write Now

I hate to rain on Behnaz Sanjana’s shoe parade, but I feel I have to inform her that, “If I’m grey and wrinkly, my shoes will still fit perfectly” is, in fact, not quite true! Our feet, like the rest of us, age. They enlarge; more specifically, they flatten.

Have you never wondered why elderly ladies wear comfortable, wide and (frankly) downright unattractive shoes? Well, those dropped arches and loose ligaments render mincing along in a pair of high heeled Ferragamos or Louboutins a la Victoria Beckham, not only excruciatingly painful, but virtually impossible! (Think the ugly sisters trying to squeeze their feet into Cinderella’s glass slipper.)

Furthermore, years of wearing those narrow, pointed lovelies have left many a foot deformed by painful bunions, corns and hammer toes. Therefore, feet encounter limits to how much use or abuse they can take.
I’m afraid then, that the more mature amongst us will have to kiss a sad goodbye to our stylish stilettos, our cute Cuban heels and our fashionable Ferragamos, and learn to love those nice Naturalisers. Christine

Floral fest
June-2014__Letters2I would just like to congratulate the Woman This Month team for the wonderful May issue. Right from the cover to the last page, it was filled with interesting articles. I especially enjoyed the shopping feature. You’re cover was lovely. In fact, I picked out a similar outfit from Bahrain City Centre. I think it’s great when you do fashion pages that give us an idea of the budget. To be honest, I would not believe that the look was created in less than BD30, if you hadn’t mentioned it. Congrats once again ladies!

Monotonous looks
I underestimated how hard it is to put together an outfit in a single shade. I had a go with baby pink and I looked like I got caught in a cloud of candy floss.

And then I went with navy blue and no one noticed it as it was close to wearing an all black outfit. Third time lucky, I chose red. Although it is considered a loud colour, I got a good balance with hints of nude and browns.
My red heels had corkwood wedges, my bag had nude accents and I broke my dress with a simple nude belt. Gold elements enhanced the red completely. I loved it; I loved getting compliments all day long! Thanks for the idea!

Tech savvy
The wellbeing article in the May issue is quite interesting. I’ve suffered from pain in the joints of my fingers for months; little did I know that it had to do with my constant use of the phone. So I challenged myself to restricted usage of the phone. It shocked me when I couldn’t complete the smallest step — refusing to use the phone at the dinner table. I remember as a child that my parents insisted we sat together at the table and wouldn’t even let us bring our books to read while we ate. And now everyone has a smartphone, and they’re looking at it while we share a meal at the same table! We’ve changed the rules a bit now; we’ve had conversations since! We make sure we spread the habit among friends when we step out for dinner too. If we can’t stay away from our phone for five minutes, then we have some real issues.  Josie

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