June 2014: Editor’s Note

Elma-Barth_EditorThere is no way of explaining how excited we’ve been to put together the first ever men’s special. It’s been a fun ride with the team, all the way from hunting down some of Bahrain’s most successful men to shooting our first male cover in partnership with luxury menswear line, Boggi. (I nearly kept that tie for myself.)

We’ve put together a complete feature with which gadgets you need to get to stay updated and what’s going on in the world of men’s fashion. Ladies, we’ve got some eye candy for you in the Style Radar segment (and more).

A fashion update for the men is not limited to the must-haves. Fernanda gives you three perfectly doable outfit styles to adopt. And for those who follow the Barney Stinson lifestyle can take our ‘Suit Up’ tips seriously.

Behnaz tackles cardiac diseases in women, which is strangely hardly discussed for a common ailment. Dr Clare also has a daring article for us, where she explains how parents can channel stubbornness in children for a successful future.

For our beauty tips, we dug into every handbag in the office to see what a woman can’t leave her home without. Find out if you have five of these beauty products with you at all times.

From serving cold food to exploring unexplored destinations, there’s a lot more stories for you in our June issue. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did writing it!

Elma Bartholomew

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