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Keep Telling the Truth
Thanks for the great article “The Wholesome Truth”, because it tackled an important issue about healthy living. The very first time I heard the words “organic food ” was during my course in Caregiving, as the newest way to provide a healthy diet for children with special needs, like Autism. Many of them have food allergies from dairy products, yeasts and metal toxins, thus, the introduction of a GFCF diet (Gluten-free, Casein-free) and the avoidance of foods high in toxic chemicals, fertilisers and pesticides helps to improve their speech and behaviour.

Nowadays, organic food has taken a different, but wholesome meaning. Not only does it help the children with special needs, but everybody can actually benefit from good healthy-eating habits, which prevent the various types of cancer, heart problems, diabetes and other related diseases, like obesity, which is one of the main problems here.

 It is great to know that Bahrain has taken big steps to build stores like the Organic Shop and Café and set up areas especially for organic products in various supermarkets and restaurants. It is surely the time for the organic revolution.
Keep the good articles coming because we are definitely enjoying every bit of information you share with your readers. Goodluck! Delle, by email.

First Time Mother
This month’s parenting section article, “Finding the Balance”, is a must read article for all new parents out there.
Being a first time mother, with a full time job, is quite a task.

It is really difficult to combine all the duties you find yourself with and 24 hours a day is usually not enough to cover the tasks of being a mother, a wife and a manager in a company.

This article is very helpful and so true!
I am looking forward for your next edition, where there is always an article for everyone.
All the best, Cristalyn, by email.

Discover the World
I think it is fantastic that you decided to include such a lively article about India in your last issue. Although some people have already discovered it and tend to head there year after year (it is definitely a favourite with backpackers), there are so many people who still don’t know what delights are in store when you set foot on Indian soil.

People think it is not your typical holiday destination — they don’t imagine beach resorts and lazy days by the pool. But the truth is that there is so much to India.

There are beach resorts and there are also mountain resorts and lakes and trips into the plantations. You can have a serene time or a holiday filled with action and adventure.

Keep helping your readers to discover new places and the world will become better and better. 
Rajinda, by email.

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