Jet-setting Style

Ever wonder how celebrities hop off a plane looking red carpet ready? Make the airport your personal runway by following these simple Hollywood-inspired rules.

1. Comfort is key.
Cramped legroom and a four-hour flight doesn’t leave much scope for hot stilettos. You can however opt for wedges or wedged boots — comfy and stylish.

2. Cover up with shades.
Sure you won’t have a sea of photographers or fans waiting for your arrival, but you never know who you could bump into at the airport. Kick up your elusive allure by wearing some dark shades.

3. Pile on the layers.
One thing celebs love while on the go is functionality; that’s why they are always carrying a cardigan or light blazer. It keeps you warm if the plane is too cold and a blazer paired with casual jeans and a tank can easily go from day to night outfits with a pair of heels.

4. Dry shampoo.
All that altitude and snoozing off can give anyone airplane hair. For an instant lift, a spritz of dry shampoo will do the trick.

5. Last minute make-up.
Moisturise and put on concealer before getting onto a plane, but leave the finishing touches like mascara and lipstick for half an hour before you land.

6. Dress up.
Who says you have to be low key? If you are on a short flight, take a cue from Victoria Beckham and glam it up.

7. Accessorise the right way.
No, don’t pile on the jewellery, but make a statement with your luggage. If you can’t afford ‘LV’ adorned bags a la the Kardashian sisters, make a splash with a funky-coloured suitcase instead.

8. All about the pooch.
Celebrities can’t stand to be separated from their pets. Make sure you invest in a comfy pet-case if you are bringing your pup along to your next trip.

9. Snuggle up.
One trend that the hottest A-listers
(even the guys) are rocking is scarves. Go for a printed one to channel the boho-chic look of Vanessa Hudgens.

10. Tone it down.
To get through as quick as possible, (you know, to avoid all the paparazzi dying to take pictures of you) you have to be security-friendly. So make sure not to wear too many accessories.

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