January 2015: Editor’s NOTE

Georgie_Bradly_EditorIt’s always an uphill struggle getting back on form again. Despite the clean slate that the new year brings, the leftovers from the season can make even the most rock hard discipline crumble – but that’s OK according to Muneera Obaidli.

She tells us (flip to page 30) why messing up is one of the best ways to improve your eating habits and sustain a healthier regime. And since we’re being good to ourselves, we’ve bumped up this issue with lots of ideas and tips to a better way of life in our guide on page 29.

You’ll notice we’re beating the January blues with some serious pampering at the best spas on the island – give us mosaic tiles and some steam and we’re set. And in the spirit of the new year we’ve added a new fashion page. Because we love the sartorial icons of yesteryear, our fashion and beauty editor Fernanda pulled together the fashion highlights of Jackie Kennedy Onassis along with updated picks for you in the first of our ‘now & then’ style series on page 20. We’re going to be updating a few more pages in the future – mainly to get you all more involved because we love what you bring to the magazine – so till then, I’m off to sizzle in a sauna.

Here’s to a great year!

Georgie Bradley

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