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There is a relaxed vibe that comes with September, which makes it the ideal season for newly-weds to shake off any wedding stress. Here are our top three destinations of the year for honeymooners.

Peru, South America

The low-down:
Peru is perfect for the duo looking for adventure and amazing scenery. Located in the mountains of south-central Peru, Machu Picchu is not to be missed. These fifteenth-century Inca ruins are one of the most dramatic sites on the planet. For the daring couple an hour-plus hike brings you to your destination.
The Sacred Valley is among Peru’s most beautiful areas and towns like Pisac and Chinchero are worth a visit. The rainforests are also amazing and ecotourism is a huge draw for adventurous honeymooners.

X-factor: The month of September boasts the most cultural festivities in Peru. If you’re travelling towards the end of the month, you could catch Trujillo’s annual Festival Internacional de la Primavera, which attracts a large crowd of both local and international visitors.
The multi-day event includes everything from street parades to beauty contests, and a mix of Peruvian sports from bullfighting to surfing. Open-air concerts and traditional dances keep things lively throughout the night.

Best for: Adventurers; May through October are the driest months in Peru. June to September sees winter here. However, they are clear months and often cold, particularly at high elevations. If it is mountain trekking you’re after, this can be an ideal time to visit as visibility is best.

Himalayas, India

The low-down: Himalayan ranges are widespread in India, covering the north, north-east and eastern regions of the subcontinent. The beauty of this great mountain varies from place to place. Culturally diverse, it is one of the most precious eco-friendly destinations. 
The region is blessed with natural wealth with exotic flora and fauna. Enjoy the beauty and serenity of peaceful, pollution-free snow-capped destinations. Celebrate the much-needed seclusion in the lovely ambience and surroundings of Manali, Shimla, Darjeeling and Nainital.

X-factor: To know the mountains one has to be amongst them. I tis a wonderful sight to see a sea of clouds sink in repose as evening begins. At the same time, the setting sun converts the surrounding peaks into molten gold which gradually fade away into pale pink and steel grey.
At night, the only sound one can hear is of the campfire. In the morning, the rising glow of the sun reflects from peak to peak and then descends to the lower slopes. This is an experience so vivid and revitalising that it can never be forgotten.

Best for: Romantics. The hill stations of the Himalayan range are magically romantic and perfect for a truly unforgettable getaway for honeymooners. After all the strain that a wedding brings with it, newly-weds deserve picture perfect places for the golden days of their life together and to have the most romantic holiday with their beloved.

Morocco, Africa

The low-down: The Saharan sands and Mediterranean coastline of Morocco make it a fabulous place to take in a romantic atmosphere and experience rich culture filled with historic traditions. Amazing architecture, fantastic food, and much more await you on a honeymoon to this North African country. Late summer in Morocco, from July through September, is the best travel time.

X-factor: Marrakech is a popular destination due to the mix of African, European and Middle Eastern influences, which give this centrally located city an eclectic vibe. Divided into two areas, the Ville Nouvelle and the ancient walled Medina, Marrakech has so much to explore.
To experience the best of Marrakech, it’s a good idea to hire a guide to take you through the city, especially the souks. Another Moroccan destination to consider is the coastal city of Casablanca. Be sure to check out the city’s mix of architecture styles, take a seaside stroll along the Boulevard de la Corniche, and tour the spectacular Hassan II Mosque.

Best for: Explorers. Despite its close proximity to Europe, Morocco is a world away, with the ancient city of Fez and the walled coastal town of Essaouira becoming increasingly popular places to visit. The Atlas Mountains are a wonderful spot of trekking, making Morocco the perfect honeymoon destination for those wishing to combine a little culture and adventure.

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