How to do AW12 Beauty

With the new season in full swing, it’s time to complement your autumn/winter wardrobe with the beauty looks seen on catwalks.  Woman This Month shows you how it’s done.

Make Yourself Up
1. Grunge it. Go for the gothic look with ladylike accents. Master a dark pout with a plum coloured lipstick or if you want to go full throttle, go for black kohl rimmed eyes and pile on the mascara.

2. Go blue. There is a new hue in town; cobalt blue was all over the catwalks during the autumn/winter fashion shows. Opt for eye shadow with a metallic hint to it, add a little bronzer for a winter glow and keep everything else simple.

3. Get catty. Have you always been a fan of the flick? Well, the runways proved that this feline trend is here to stay. For a symmetrical look, have your liner mirror your brow line.

4. Be flawless. The ‘au naturale’ look is big this year. Create a naturally flushed complexion by using rosy cream blusher on your cheeks and keep your lips nude.

5. All about the brow. Bold, statement brows are a prominent winter trend but make sure you keep them groomed and neat. For a less dramatic look, enhance your eyebrows with a shadow instead of a pencil liner.

6. Brighten up. Many designers chose to add a pop of colour to their models. If a flashy eye shadow is not for you, a more subtle approach to the trend is to use colourful mascara.

7. Try burgundy. Rock the berry trend in your choice of cosmetics. For your lips, try the season’s ‘it’ colour burgundy and keep the rest of your make-up simple.

8. Futurise. This year designers have been very experimental, but are alien inspired looks a little too extreme? If you answer ‘yes’ try out a metallic green nail varnish or glittered shimmer for a more subtle approach.

9. Make it matte. Lips were centre stage on the catwalks and if you want to opt for brightness, the matte finish is the trend to try. The trick is to fill your entire mouth with lip liner before applying lipstick

10. Nail it. There is a lot that you can do with your nails, to present your more artistic side. Not all of us will want spikes on our nails, but another on-trend look is a neutral manicure with black tips.

Tame Your Tresses
11. Swing it like the 60s. 1960s inspired ponytails were huge on the catwalks. To get the effortless look, try a low ponytail that rests at the nap of your neck. Make sure to tease the hair at your crown for a va-va-voom effect.

12. Take it to the side. Update your side-swept hair with a textured braid. This look also allows you to keep your hairstyle sleek and smooth through the windy weather.

13. et it down. Going natural was a big hit this season. So ladies, take your hair pins down, add a dab of styling cream to your freshly washed hair and head out. Simple!

14. Try it textured. Looking for a ladylike look with an edge? The plaited bun was spotted on many models at fashion week. Simply braid your hair and twist into a side bun.

15. Forever fringed. Bangs are back in a bold way. For a Hollywood inspired look a la Jessica Biel and Taylor Swift, ask your stylist to give you a thick, blunt fringe.

Care For Your Complexion
16. Modify your regime. Don’t forget to reorganise your bathroom cabinet too. Choose cream based cleansers to protect from the harsh winter weather and look for products that contain little or no alcohol.

17. Moisturise. This goes without saying. Blot skin dry after a wash and apply tons of moisturiser to seal in the water and to ensure no dry, flaky skin appears.

18 Remember sunscreen. Many of us tend to shy away from sun screen during the winter months. But the sun’s UV rays can still be harmful even if it isn’t very hot.

19. Consider your diet. Don’t let the lazy winter days have you drinking hot chocolate every night. Stock up on foods that contain omega-3 or omega-6 fatty acids like fish oil or flaxseed oil to help keep your skin clear.

20. Be gentle. If your skin is uncomfortably dry, avoid harsh peels and masks. Instead, use a cleansing milk or toner without alcohol.

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